Are You Ready? 2019

"Are You Ready?", the official career fair organized by Rotaract Club of the University of Moratuwa in consortium with the Career Guidance Unit, can be described as one of the most significant events impending in an undergraduate’s life at University of Moratuwa. We, marking the 24th "Are You Ready?" this year, hope to link our undergraduates with the corporate world in a more positive way while providing them with an opportunity to get familiarized with the job market. The limelight of the event is on mock or real interviews, conducted by successful employers in the industry, where corporate specialists get the chance to pinpoint capable undergraduates who can be recruited in the imminent future. The complete event comprises six specialized sessions to provide the young undergraduates with the experience and knowledge required to face the corporate world with confidence and top-notch skills.


Webinar Series

Most of the undergraduates have a lack of knowledge regarding the career paths they could pursue following their graduation. Hence, a series of Web Seminars will be conducted based on different departments of the university, to give the young undergraduates of the respective departments an insight into the job opportunities that are available in the corporate world. These sessions will be conducted by industry specialists, and they will be sharing their knowledge, based on their experiences, which will be vital for undergraduates.


Résumé Centre

A quality résumé allows a job applicant to make a lasting impression on a potential employer’s mind. Through this session, the CVs of the final year undergraduates will be collected and then handed over to HR professionals of leading companies for evaluation. On the day of the session, relevant professionals will provide individual feedback to the students whose CVs they have evaluated and corrected.


Heads Up

The curriculum vitae and job interviews play significant roles in a job recruitment process. Presenting a CV that showcases one's life work accurately is the key to open doors for a face-to-face interview. Concurrently, the interviews allow the company to determine more about the candidate, while the applicant gets the opportunity to become familiar with the needs of the given position. The session will be focused on providing the undergraduates with proper knowledge on facing interviews and preparing a quality CV.


The Career Coach

Adjusting into the working world out of university is exciting, yet somewhat challenging. Therefore, procuring an understanding regarding the corporate world beforehand, set the stage for the students to realize their career dreams with confidence in the future. A guest speaker will talk about adapting to the corporate environment, to give an idea to the undergraduates regarding the workplace environments, experiences they could obtain and challenges they might face.


The Image

Personal branding is establishing a prescribed image or impression about oneself. A unique personal brand is what would create the path for a regular employee in an organization to stand out as a professional in the industry and rise up along the career ladder. This is an open session for all undergraduates of the university where a celebrity would be providing an insight into what's personal branding through his experiences.


Youth BIZ

University of Moratuwa owns many entrepreneurial thinkers who can change the job world extensively in the future. Though equipped with technical knowledge, due to the absence of awareness on such topics, many undergraduates abandon their innovative thoughts completely. Through YouthBIZ, an emphasis will be laid upon giving the undergraduates an insight into the entrepreneurial world, initiating startups and life at startups. This is an open session for all undergraduates where a guest speaker would be talking about the significance of working towards achieving entrepreneurial goals and giving birth to startups.


Flagship Day

The prime event of “Are You Ready? 2019”, the Flagship Day, signifies the total coverage of all the other sessions followed throughout. The day provides the final year undergraduates with the opportunity to interact with the corporate giants of the island through mock and real interviews, in order that they may step into the job world. The day promotes a variety of job opportunities by conducting real interviews for the undergraduates to settle on very high states of jobs in their specific industry. In the meantime, the event helps them in evaluating themselves through mock interviews and also to interact with the company personnel participating for the event. This presents the chance to the guests to identify the true potential of the undergraduates of the university as well.