Are you Ready? 2018

The Résumé

The Résumé or the Curriculum Vitae is the interface that creates the first impression of the job seeker in the employer’s mind. The session, “The Résumé” offers the opportunity to be proficient in preparing the Curriculum Vitae for the participants. At the outset of the session, a guest speaker will be giving the proper guidance on how to prepare a Curriculum Vitae after explaining its significance.

The Exemplar

Whatever capabilities or qualifications one might possess, the impression he gives off at the interview will be the deciding factor which determines his future with that organisation. The Exemplar comprises a workshop which will be helpful to inspire, explore and develop the skills that an undergraduate possesses and should possess, and at the same time, enabling him to comprehend the values and traits that are sought after by the employers globally. During the workshop, interviews will be demonstrated to display the common mistakes done by interviewees.

The Image

Personal branding is establishing a prescribed image or impression about oneself. A unique personal brand is what would create the path for a regular employee in an organisation to stand out as a professional in the industry and rise up along the career ladder. The session, “The Image” creates a platform for the all undergraduates of the university to enhance their knowledge on personal branding and gives the opportunity think in an innovative manner. This is an open session for all undergraduates of the university where a celebrity would be providing an insight on personal branding through the experience of his path.

Youth BIZ

A considerably low number of undergraduates engage in part time jobs and next in case come up with many innovative and trending ideas. But being university students, they show a higher tendency towards developing practical solutions to modern issues and also in balancing part time jobs with core work. The session is founded on behalf of the all undergraduates of the university to offer the proper guidance on continuing part time jobs and developing entrepreneurship. A guest speaker will give his thoughts and inspire the undergraduates.

Flagship Day

The prime event of “Are You Ready? 2018” program, the Flagship day, signifies the total coverage of all the other sessions followed throughout. The day allows very great opportunities of the corporate world to get on to surface so that the final year undergraduates receive chances in interaction through mock and real interviews conducted there to step into the job world. The Flagship day becoming the cynosure of the whole program significantly paves path for the final year students ,who have a sound knowledge in theoretical aspects combined with the innovative ideas and practical experience gained through preparatory sessions of RUR 2018, to begin employment in their dream industry. It’s mainly this day that promotes a variety of job opportunities to the undergraduates via conducting real interviews for them to settle on very high states of jobs in their specific industry. In the meanwhile this event helps in evaluating themselves through mock interviews and also to interact with the company representatives participating for the opening ceremony of the event. This provides the greatest chance of all to identify the true potential of the undergraduates and to get a wider exposure towards the corporate world resulting in successful career leaders for the future.